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September 2018

The 2018 planting area looking south

September 2018

Looking east over the stock dam - the 2018 planting area on the lower right, the proposed 2019 planting area on the upper left.

Volunteers planting above the Ships' Graveyard during August 2018
Peninsula Tramping Club and EOS Ecology

A great planting day in August 2018

University of Florida students potting up silver tussock seedlings in July 2018

The potting mix we use for the silver tussock propagation is kindly donated by Daltons.

Stock dam valley, looking towards snow on Te Ahu Patiki

You can adopt a penguin box to help fund our efforts to protect korara

Adopt a penguin nest box

Numbers of nest boxes, built and placed for the endangered white-flippered penguins nesting on Quail Island, were damaged or destroyed by rock falls during the 2011 earthquakes. As a result of a co-ordinated effort between business sponsors and volunteers, the Trust placed 25 new penguin nest boxes in strategic, secluded sites around the island in June 2013 in a bid to build up breeding pairs on the island again.

The boxes were built by volunteer Andrew Harris from timber donated by Horncastle Homes, and Lyttelton Port of Christchurch transported the boxes to the island.

In 2015 another 25 nesting boxes were constructed by the helpful staff at Bunnings Warehouse Shirley, and the boxes are due to be placed on the island over the next few months.

It is hoped that the predator-free environment the Trust staff and volunteers work to maintain will help build up nesting penguin numbers to pre-earthquake levels. Providing safe nesting sites is not only good for the white-flippered penguin population, but good for the general habitat and soil fertility too. Studies have found that their guano (and that of other ground nesting birds) encourages native plant regrowth.

Adopt a penguin nest box

The Trust has 22 penguin nest boxes for adoption at $500 each, available to individuals and businesses interested in supporting the penguin project and other conservation and ecological restoration on the island. Each box will be named after the sponsor (as well as being listed as a sponsor of the penguin project on our website) – and we will provide regular project updates.

To adopt a nest box, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call her on 021 352 022.

White-flippered (korora or blue) penguin in a nesting box on Quail Island
A number of the penguin boxes on Quail Island were damaged in the 2011 earthquakes
Trust volunteer, Andrew Harris, delivering penguin boxes to Dampier Bay for transportation to Quail Island
An ideal penguin box site on Quail Island.
Volunteers carry new penguin nesting boxes built by Bunnings to the island on 15 July 2015.

Click here for some other ways to help the Trust and further eco-restoration on Quail Island.

Find out more about the white-flippered penguins on Quail Island.

Beach at SW point
2014 planting
Kathmandu volunteers
Northern cliffs
Arriving at the wharf
Tussock planting

Our Sponsors and Donors

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