Penguin Project

The Quail Island white flippered penguin population reached a peak of 41 active burrows in 2007 (read more here). The loss of numbers of nest boxes in the 2011 earthquakes gave the Trust the impetus to increase the number of nest boxes on the island. To raise much needed funds for the Trust to continue restoration work on the island, 25 boxes were offered for sponsorship in 2013. They were built by Horncastle Homes and placed on the island by volunteers and Horncastle Homes staff in June 2013. In 2015 another 25 nest boxes were built by the staff at Bunnings Warehouse Shirley, and they are being offered for sponsorship now.

Penguin Box Sponsors

Our thanks to: Maree Hood of Harcourts Grenadier in Ferrymead, the Pryor Family, Yuli Fox-Hume, Kaye Young, the Walden family, Barbara Stewart, Genesis Biolab, Geoscience Consulting, Lisa Strong, Kent Prier, the Jones Family, Toby McEwen, the CHBD Emergency Department Staff, the McMillan Family, Murray Hooker, Linda Ward, Eraine Everingham(in memoriam), Robin and Barbara Duff, Christchurch City Council Mayoral Fund, Good Gardeners' Association, the Opawa School Student Council, the Pearson Family Charteris Bay and Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise, The tamariki of Diamond Harbour Playcentre and Lyttelton Kidsfirst Kindergarten, and The Rata Foundation.

Our thanks to the 2015 sponsors of penguin boxes. Thank you to Anne-Marie Malone, Willaim Reid, Fulton Hogan Rebuild Team

Trust volunteers and Horncastle Homes staff place nesting boxes on 9th June 2013.



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